Our  debut  album,  Made  of  stardust

Heavy rhythms & spacey hooks for Earth kids! Making its way to you, our debut full length album, Made of Stardust is sending positive vibes intergalactic. Rock you heart out to interstellar, interplanetary, deep space beats!

I can be anything
The ultimate reminder for small humans that anything is possible.
Numbers never end
Learn to count to ten with a hypnotic rave track that’s sure to lock it in.
Little star
When you’re feeling down, this is the song that turns it all around!
Made a mess
The story of plastic on Earth... with a happy ending!
Pirates like jelly
They’re on the hunt for treasure… But only if it's jelly shaped!
Yum yum
Not all planets have such incredible foods to eat!
Help big Mama Earth breathe easy... get composting!
Say goodbye
Sometimes it’s sad to say goodbye. So we sing it instead!

{Release date - TBC]

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